Happy People

Chapter 12 Happy People



Enjoy a new learning experience in the relaxed and informal setting of Chapter 12.

Have you ever wondered why life is the way it is? Why is it that the rich seem to get richer and the poor seem to get poorer? And how is it that some people, regardless of circumstances, always seem to land on their feet and come up smelling of roses?

Join the ‘Coffee Shop Coach’ for a series of informal classes aimed at shedding light on why life is the way it is, and in particular…Why our own life is the way it is, and more importantly, if there are things in our life that we would like to change for the better, how we can begin doing so ….fast!

Discover the simple tools and principles that are the keys that allow anyone to begin reaching for their dreams and creating a happier, healthier, more joyful and inspired life and that have already helped people all over the world to experience benefits to their emotional, psychological and general wellbeing.

Each course runs for 5 weeks and cost £45 per person for 5 x 2 hour classes. So why not come along and join our friendly, informal classes and begin creating the life you have always dreamed of?

Who might benefit from the classes? 

The initial classes are aimed at beginners and those that would like to create positive change in their life but don’t quite know how or where to begin!

At ‘Happy People’  we meet once a week on a Tues morning, the classes run from 11- 1pm, with plenty of time for getting to know one another and for talk and refreshments.

The courses are run by Kim Rose-Alison, whose background is that of a Therapist and Teacher, having worked in wellbeing, personal development and stress management for more than 20 years, Kim has taught many subject related classes both privately and at adult education.

(For those that are interested, Kim’s full background can be found on the Horam Natural Therapy Centre website at www.horamnaturaltherapycentre.co.uk )

For more information or to book a place, please call Kim on 01323 833928 / 079 464 111 54 or email kimlife@hotmail.co.uk

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