Our Menus

Our Wine Selection
Chapter 12 offer a wide range of quality wines from around the world to suit all pallets, so whether you prefer a fruity red wine, a refreshing rosé, a crisp white wine, a sparkling wine or champagne or fancy a sweet dessert wine we’ll have something for you to enjoy!

Our Drinks Selection
We’ve hand selected our beers, ciders, sherry and port, to be able to offer great brands at good value prices, along with our soft drinks, including tea and coffee all of our drinks are best quality served at the ideal temperatures! Our Cocktail and Mocktail menu is also extensive and our staff are fully trained to be able to serve your favourite drink just the way you like it!

Our Food Selection 
A carefully selected range of locally sourced meats, cheeses and breads go into making a wonderful array of sharing boards, open sandwiches and dishes. Todays Menu is the place to find all of our fantastic and innovative food combinations that are ideal to accompany the choice of drink you have selected. Please ask your server for any special dishes that we have available from time to time.

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